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  • Product Code: 4×4 SOLAR LED PAVER LIGHTS
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Solar Paver Lights. Built-in solar panels recharge the AAA rechargeable batteries. Light sensor turns lights on automatically at night for 8+ straight hours on a charge.These lights are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your landscaping, pathways and driveway at night.  These unique and durable lights are constructed with an industrial grade glass.

  • No Permits needed

  • No Wiring or electrical panel to install

  • Do it yourself easy installation

  • Enhance dated, faded or worn paver area

  • Low Cost

  • High Quality and Durability

  • Use for safety by properly lighting pathways

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  • 4 Ultra-bright LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of use.

  • Actual Size: 4” wide x 4” long x 2” high

  • Batteries: AAA rechargeable Ni-Cad which can be replaced.

  • Water resistant and crush resistant

Uplift your driveway, light the way on all your paths, render your patio into an exquisite experience in romance. Bring Landscape and Hardscape together in harmony with our paver lights. Seamless transition from any paver shape to our paver lights. Easily installed by the lay person. Pop a paver out and pop our Paver lights in and VOILA!

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