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Resold by some of the biggest paver manufactures In USA. 


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thousands of reviews online and resold by large companies like amazon and ebay. Our Solar LED products are unmatched in quality and price!



Our Product offers a 1 year manufacture warranty.  That's applicable to our Solar LED Paver Lights. 

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Our solar-powered LED Paver Lights are one of the most innovative new lighting products in the architectural industry. There is no pollution with solar powered lights- the energy source is the sun. Solar-powered LED lights are a more up-to-date environmentally-friendly building material. They are easy to install, requiring no special wiring or electricity and since they are solar-powered, they emit no harmful Co2 to the atmosphere. Our Paver Lights have been recognized as “Green” and “eco-friendly”, making them environmentally safe in all applications.

Our Solar LED Paver Lights come in five different sizes (4×4, 4×8, 6×6, 6×9 and round), constructed with industrial grade glass that can with stand most all vehicle traffic (cars and light trucks). Each paver has its own solar cells that charge the battery (inside) and allows light sensors to turn the LED lights on at dusk and off at dusk (no wiring). Our Paver Lights are affordable, maintenance free, easy to install and can be used for new construction and/or replacement. The Paver Light is multi-dimensional; it can be used to light up a driveway, walkway, pathway, patio, landscape, garden, pool & spa, decks, and hundreds of other uses creating beauty and safety.

Our Solar LED Paver Lights have been tested in various weather conditions; subzero to scourging heat, humid or dry, rain or snow, etc. The hours of night time illumination (approx. 8-9 hours) depends on the amount of light received during the day. The household AAA rechargeable battery inside the Solar LED Paver Light will eventually need to be replaced. This will depend on the amount of light received during the year. Replacement time is estimated at 18-24 months.

If you need additional information on our Solar LED Paver Lights, please call us or go to our dealer locator page and fine a dealer near you. Our dealers are courteous and look forward in assisting you on your project.

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