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Our solar-powered LED Paver Lights are one of the most innovative new lighting products in the architectural industry. There is no pollution with solar powered lights- the energy source is the sun.

  • No Wires

  • No Permits

  • Easy to install

  • Maintenance free

  • Eco Friendly

  • Auto on/off

  • Warranty

The Solar LED Paver Lights come in five different sizes 4×4, 4×8, 6×6, 6×9 and round. They are constructed with industrial grade glass that can with stand most all vehicle traffic (cars and light trucks). They can be used in your driveway, walkway, pathway, patio, landscape, garden, pool & spa, decks, and hundreds of other uses creating beauty and safety.


AAA Low Discharge NiMH 700 mAh Rechargeable Battery for Solar Lights

$37.95 per 10 Pack, Free shipping in USA

Ni-MH – Nickel Metal Hydride is a newer battery technology. Many of the old Nicd batteries are now available in NiMH. These batteries have a much higher capacity then Nicd, so your solar lights will have a much longer run time in between charges. NiMH batteries do not have a “Memory effect” so you can charge them even if they have only been used a bit. They are more expensive then Ni-CD, however you can typically get around 1000 life cycles.  These batteries are also more environmentally friendly as they have nothing harmful in them.


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